Color Coated Aluminum Coil Introduction
Publish Time : 2022-03-17

After the aluminum coil is processed by cleaning, chromizing, roller coating, baking, etc., the surface of the aluminum coil is attached with various colors of paint coating, that is, the color coated aluminum coil.

Color aluminum is widely used in aluminum-plastic panels, honeycomb panels, thermal insulation panels, aluminum curtain walls, shutters, roller shutters, aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing systems, aluminum due to its advantages of light texture, bright colors, easy processing and molding, and no rust. Ceilings, household appliances, downpipes, aluminum cans and many other fields.

Coated aluminum coils can be simply divided into polyester (PE) coated aluminum coils and fluorocarbon (PVDF) coated aluminum coils due to different surface paint types. Of course, there are cases where one side is coated with fluorocarbon and the other side is coated with polyester; there are even cases where both sides are coated with fluorocarbon.

The aluminum coil is embossed, also known as embossed aluminum coil, and has various patterns such as orange peel pattern and diamond pattern.

Because of their different uses, they are often referred to as roofing materials (aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing system), ceiling materials (for aluminum alloy ceilings), home appliance panels (used in the interior and exterior decoration of household appliances), food materials (food-grade chromium And roller coating), wire drawing board (surface treated with wire drawing), etc.

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