Aluminum Coil For Composite Sheet
Publish Time : 2022-03-16

Aluminum-plastic composite panel is abbreviated as aluminum-plastic panel, which is a new type of material that is processed and compounded by a series of processes and composites by using surface-treated and coated aluminum plate as the surface, polyethylene plastic plate as the core layer.

Aluminum corrugated composite board is an all-aluminum composite board made of aluminum alloy panel, bottom plate and aluminum corrugated core in vacuum.

The inner and outer layers of the aluminum alloy honeycomb panel are aluminum alloy thin plates, and the middle interlayer is a regular hexagonal aluminum foil honeycomb core. The honeycomb core is made by bonding and compounding with the aluminum alloy surface layer board with structural glue.

The surface layer of the metal exterior wall insulation board is a color-coated aluminum plate. The surface and color of the aluminum plate can be selected according to the design requirements. It mainly plays a decorative role. At the same time, it has good weather resistance, corrosion resistance, self-cleaning properties, etc.; the middle layer is polyurethane rigid Foam has excellent thermal insulation performance.

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