5083 Aluminum Plate Introduction
Publish Time : 2022-03-15

5083 belongs to the Al-Mg series alloy and has a wide range of applications. Especially the construction industry cannot do without this alloy. It is the most promising alloy. Good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, and medium strength. The main alloying element of 5083 is magnesium, which has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, and medium strength. It is used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, and sheet metal parts of transportation vehicles and ships, meters, street lamp brackets and rivets, Hardware products, electrical enclosures, etc.

5083 aluminum plate characteristics

The 5083 aluminum sheet is much stronger than the 1100 or 3000 series aluminum sheet, and has a reasonable curve radius when formed. Aluminum alloy in tempered state. 5083 has very good quality corrosion resistance to salt water, marine and industrial environments. So it can be used in maritime applications. When magnesium is used as the main alloying element or combined with manganese, the result is a medium to high power non-heat treatable aluminum alloy. It also has very good quality weldability and good cold formability.

5083 aluminum plate performance

5083 aluminum plate has excellent corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and seawater is equivalent to that of pure aluminum. The corrosion resistance in dilute hydrochloric acid solution (1:5) is higher than that of pure aluminum and lower than that of aluminum-magnesium alloy. This kind of alloy has a tendency to exfoliate and corrode in the cold deformed state, and this tendency increases with the increase of the degree of cold deformation.

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