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Widely used in consiruetion tood packaging,machinery manufacturing, Autimonue ihdusines etc.

Through systematic analysis of the development trend of international aluminum industry and in combination with our own reality, Jiangsu Huyi Metal has established a new development strategic goal. Its basic goal is to achieve a high level in the quality, cost, R & D,energy conservation, environmental protection, efficiency and service of the aluminum extrusion industry through efforts, Rebuilt Jiangsu Huyi Metal Materials Co.,Ltd into a comprehensive enterprise in the fields of high grade aluminum industry globally...

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Widely used in consiruetion tood packaging,machinery manufacturing, Autimonue ihdusines etc.

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The fields and products of all aluminum furniture at this stage: civil furniture; Office education; Civil furniture: wardrobe, cabinet, dining table, cabinet, decoration, bed, wine cabinet, bathroom, tea table, TV cabinet, bookshelf, aquarium, etc; Education and office: family student tables and chairs, school tables and chairs, centralized office partition, class platform, tables and chairs in large and small conference rooms, Park seats, etc; Sunshine house, all aluminum house, etc! Have a good wide range of applications, and can bid farewell to the pollution brought by traditional decoration. This tells us that...

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Based on the strength of our cutting-edge technologies, precise market positioning and customer research, Jiangsu Huyi Metal Materials Co.,Ltd has developed a professional international service team that fully meets our client’s demand. HUYI METAL is a large comprehensive aluminum enterprise integrating processing, manufacturing and scientific research.Our products have gained high reputation with 100% quality assurance. 

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Our products have been certified by SGS and other international standards with 100%

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